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  • Ethics

    Rates ethical behavior of a site's company including social responsibility, business practices, environmental impact, etc..

    Very Good - Scryve rating eight to ten, Corporate Critic fourteen to fifteen, Knowmore four to five positive ratings and no negative
    Good - Scryve rating six to seven, Corporate Critic twelve to thirteen, Knowmore one to three positive ratings and no negative ratings
    Average - Scryve rating four to ten, Corporate Critic fourteen to fifteen
    Poor - Scryve rating four, Corporate Critic is five to eight, Knowmore one to two negative ratings
    Bad - Scryve rating two to three, Corporate Critic two to four, Knowmore three to four negative ratings
    Very Bad - Scryve rating zero to one, Corporate Critic zero to one, Knowmore 5 negative ratings
    Unknown - No service has rated the ethics of site


    Scryve - Creates a company profile for each organization based on the company's ideals and behavior in two basic categories: environment and community, ranked from one (worst) to ten (best).

    Knowmore - Provides detailed information and ratings of a company's ethics in the areas of worker rights, human rights, political Influence, environmental issues, and business ethics.